Difference Between Ayurvedic & Different Medication

There are different types of medications like homoeopathy, naturopathy, Unani. These medicines are obtained from nature, and the mixture has minor to no differences from ayurvedic medicine. However, western medicine or allopathy is opposite to that of ayurveda.

The key difference between ayurvedic and allopathy are as follows:


  • Derived from natural sources
  • Does permanent cure by nullifying the root cause
  • No side effects
  • Not tested on any animal before prescribing to humans.
  • Has a history of more than 5000 years
  • Can cure almost all diseases with better results
  • slow action on diseases
  • No cases of side effects


  • Derived from chemical and synthetic sources
  • Does not do permanent cure, acts only on the superficial surface
  • Has a lot of side effects
  • Tested on animals to check the effects before prescribing to humans
  • Have a history of some 200 years ago
  • Can cure the disease but with future side effects
  • immediate action on diseases
  • side effects can be fatal sometimes