Oil Pulling Therapy: Offers a Wide Range of Health Benefits

 Why not start your day by swishing a mouthful of oil around your teeth and gums rather than brushing them first thing in the morning? Sounds odd, right? Actually, it isn’t. The advantages of this traditional Ayurvedic oral hygiene technique and other health advantages will surprise you.

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling therapy, sometimes referred to as “Kavala” or “Gandusha,” is a traditional Ayurvedic routine used to keep dental hygiene up. The term “pulling” describes the method by which toxins are eliminated from the mouth using natural “oil.” Similar to how you use mouthwash every day. The main difference is that this therapy employs safer, natural oil rather than a mouthwash that contains chemicals.

In the “Kavala” process, a small amount of oil is placed in the mouth, rotated for two to three minutes, and then swiftly spit out. While “Gandusha” refers to the practice of filling the lips with oil and holding it there motionlessly for a few minutes. You may experience a small amount of perspiration while engaging in this activity, which is an indication that toxins are leaving the body. As your mouth and throat are being cleansed, you may also have wet eyes and some nasal discharge. What is the process of oil pulling?

The majority of dental issues are brought on by bacteria that eat food particles lodged in your teeth. Plaque is a thin film of germs that builds up on teeth over time and causes a number of dental issues. As you swirl or hold the oil in your mouth, salivary enzymes that absorb toxins are activated by the regular practice of oil pulling for maintaining dental cleanliness. To remove toxins from the body, it is crucial to spit the oil out of your mouth rather than consume it.

Benefits of oil pulling

Deeply cleans the mouth: The mouth contains 350 different types of dangerous germs, many of which are the root causes of many dental issues. For cavities, toothaches, plaque, and other dental issues, oil pulling is therefore recommended.

Prevents bad breath: Since oil pulling removes bacteria and toxins from the mouth, it might lessen foul breath. For this reason, it is advisable to perform oil pulling in the morning. Your taste senses will be stimulated as a result, improving how much you enjoy breakfast.

Enhances the health of teeth and gums: Oils’ anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics lessen swelling and sensitivity while enhancing the health of teeth and gums.

Whitens teeth: Swiping oil around the mouth regularly helps to remove stains and bring back the teeth’s original brilliance. You can therefore use oil pulling to whiten your teeth.

The body is detoxified: The accumulation of toxins can lead to a number of health issues that are not limited to your mouth. This is why Ayurveda advises regular body detoxification. Oil pulling is a quick and efficient method for accomplishing this.

What are you still holding out for? Gets alcohol-free Ayurvedic oil pulling formula to brighten your mornings and start them off healthy? To get rid of the oily feeling and resume your regular brushing regimen, you might start by swishing a tiny amount of oil in your mouth slowly and spitting it out. Once you’ve become used to it, you can extend the time and begin performing it every day while gargling with oil.

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